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Upcoming Gigs:

Sunday, August 26th
Putnam County Wine and Food Festival

Patterson Fire Department
13 Burdick Road, Patterson, NY 12563

September 8th (rain date 9th)
River Spirit Music and Arts Festival
Draper Park
Hastings on Hudson

Saturday, October 20
Music Art And Nature
The Lenoire Preserve

19 Dudley Street, Yonkers

Farmers Markets

photo by Peter Freed

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Dear Friends,

My daughter Zoey was struggles with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It has been a debilitating couple of years with great struggles. I am happy to report that she is getting stronger. She is a beautiful, talented young Brooklyn based artist, and has recently taken a residency in North Adams, Massachusetts.  Zoey has an on-line gallery linked to her site. Please take a look and support her efforts to continue making art, and affording her medications. Thank you.

As a result of our family crisis, this song emerged:

Under The Weight of The World

Marching For Sanity in 2017

NYC Science March, April 22:
I proudly marched for science with Woodlands Community Temple, NY.

Washington, DC April 29:
While lining up for the march in Washinton DC on April 29th for the People's Climate March 2017 with my brother Dan,  I had the honor of marching with a team of engineers and thinkers like Richard Bramson and Al Gore. They lead the way under the banner "Defenders of the Truth". During the march I took the opportunity to introduce myself to Al Gore and thank him for his work toward making our planet habitable. He thanked me for the kind words and shook my hand. It was an inspiring moment.

Here is my expression "2016 Talkin Trash" on YouTube. Please like it.

Talkin' Trash 2016

After listening to the song here for free, you can choose to support the royalties going to the artist and download "Won't You Read My Sign" for $.99 cents from CD Baby

or listen for free:

"Won't You Read My Sign"
Riverrun Trio with myself, Ken Tuccillo and Joan Indig:


Thanks for giving them to us all Pete.


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New portraits by Peter Freed.

The recent gun violence has brought the discussion to a national level. Listen to my song "It Can Be Done, Put Down The Gun." It is currently available on the link below.

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